"My son enjoys learning at Colour with Me very much. The instructor creates a positive and relax environment where he feels comfortable to express himself.

He learns painting and drawing skills through interactive communication and problem solving guided by the instructor. It is a very positive learning experience."

-Peter & Yvonne

"My daughter has been attending art classes at Colour with me for almost a year now and the special events and opportunities it has given her have been tremendous.

My 7 year old daughter won her very first trophy after being entered in an art contest. The amount of self esteem and pride that has given her is insurmountable. Thank you to Eva and her team for all their help and effort in making art fun for her."


"Your art classes were so special and unlike any other classes they've been to; as was evidenced by their consistent ask to stay longer than the allotted time.

With problem solving in mind and especially your patience and guidance, my boys created stunning art work that have since been framed and are hanging on our walls for all to enjoy. Friends and family alike were so impressed by what they had learned to create in your classes. I would happily recommend Colour With Me to anyone with a love of art, with a twist!"


"Going for art class at Colour With Me is something my daughter looks forward to. Eva's passion for the Arts and her love for teaching children in passing on this passion is evident in her work. I'll highly recommend Colour With Me to every child who is interested in Arts."

- Lillian



"Colour With Me Art Studio worked with my Grade 3 French Immersion class to teach them about problem solving through art. She did a wonderful job challenging the ideas of the students with her story about Mr. Toffee.

Thank you so much for coming in and sharing the importance of expression through art! We would love to have you again soon!"

- Mme. Liang, Grade 3 French Immersion Teacher